"It felt like I was watching a little Bette Midler".  


Chrissy is an incendiary ball of energy on stage. Her electrifying personality and captivating style make her one of the best in the entertainment business. Her journey started at the Riverside Repatory Theater at the young age of 14 making her vastly familiar with the stage and interacting in creative spaces. She then dedicated two years to the New Orleans Center for the Creative Arts majoring in theater. In 2002 Chrissy landed her first professional opportunity with National accredited Six Flags Theme Parks as a singer and dancer. She was performing with Six Flags for two years before being scouted to perform on the competitive and infamous Bourbon Street. Cat's Meow ranked one of the premiere night clubs in New Orleans became her creative work space for three years. Christina found her voice on that stage and was motivated to move to Los Angeles and accept an internship with Honey Pot Music Publishing to learn more about the industry in a different market. Her three years in LA produced a solid understanding of the business aspect of performance and two songs that can be downloaded on Sonnd Cloud that she performed. Her journey took her back to the French Quarter and Bourbon Street. Chrissy has been performing and emceeing at a Nationally Ranked night club five days a week. Her following is international and it's obvious why. She is available for hire as a host/emcee for your company, special event, wedding, band, or comedy show.