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MC Chrissy Emcee & DJ For Hire



With a heavy background in musical theater, Chrissy studied to be a performer at NOCCA, being gifted with an understanding of her talents at a young age. Being raised in New Orleans gave her a playground for her entertainment upbringing, and hosting regular shows at the top clubs in America became the perfect platform to work with the industry keeping the main goal in mind; business. Her energy and innate mastery of controlling a room and bringing a positive electric energy to her work became revenue generating to any club she would hold a microphone at. Dubbed "young Bette Midler," Chrissy grips audiences and holds them in a natural way that her employers adore. As Chrissy is always seeking new exciting opportunities, she offers her unique emcee flair and DJ techniques of creating a show around her employers needs. 

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Tel: 504.606.1827

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