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MC Chrissy 

On Air


       Chrissy spent the better half of a decade as a celebrity club emcee and DJ at New Orleans' two top Bourbon Street venues, Cat's Meow and Razoo's. Her first brush with emcee entertainment was the original Cat's Meow, that hosts the largest Bourbon Street party, and is a hot spot for celebrities including Smashing Pumpkins, Brooks and Dunn and even Bill Gates. With her talent, Cat's Meow was brought to new heights, as she created her own show based around what she celebrated with the massive crowds,  helping re-transform it into the number one party street in America. Her job was to keep the party going weekdays, weekends and late nights, and was the premiere entertainer for festivals, that are a staple in

New Orleans culture. 


   She was scouted while emceeing by the program director for        B97.1 FM, and was immediately brought on to bring that energy to radio. She quickly discovered as the first female night time on air personality, that the two worlds converged and she was bringing her experience of stage to radio and vice versa. Rising to new heights, Chrissy found it all too comfortable to reach the audience she previously could entertain on stage to be the listener she could connect with via the air waves. Her passion for her audience and her understanding of upcoming trends made her a success overnight. 


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MC Chrissy On Air

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